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Bennie DiNardo

Deputy Managing Editor, Multimedia

Bennie DiNardo became the Globe’s deputy managing editor for multimedia in June 2008. In that position, he oversees the editorial operations of the Boston.com website and helps shape the newsroom’s digital strategy, including the introduction of the new, paid bostonglobe.com website, scheduled for 2011, and the Globe’s video content.

A Leominster native, DiNardo has worked at the Globe 16 years. From 1999 to 2008 he served as the Globe’s deputy business editor, responsible for day-to-day management of the Business section. Previously, he was an assistant editor at the Globe Magazine and a copy editor. Before the Globe, DiNardo had been editor of the Boston Business Journal.

A 1979 graduate of Cornell University, DiNardo received a master’s degree from Yale Law School in 1986.

[MA 0301] - Part 1: Intro and Contribution (6:37)

Bennie DiNardo, deputy managing editor, multimedia, The Boston Globe, says, “We need to be a place where people can come together and have something to share. Whether they like us or hate us, we’re the first thing they read every morning.” The Globe, says DiNardo, “gives people something in common.”

[MA 0302] - Part 2: Skills (2:54)

Bennie DiNardo, deputy managing editor, multimedia, The Boston Globe, says he got his position by “learning on the job … admitting when you don’t know about something and asking the really simple question.” Then he needed to learn “how to bring all these technologies together, so the all the editors can use them.”

[MA 0303] - Part 3: Strategy (5:57)

Bennie DiNardo, deputy managing editor, multimedia, The Boston Globe, says the newspaper is now “web first … especially with sports news.” Since there is concern, since 2009, that “the current ad-supported revenue is not enough to support this news organization,” the newspaper will launch its new www.bostonglobe.com service behind a paywall in 2011. But he believes The Globe’s print edition will endure. “Old forms rarely go away,” he says, referring to news media history in the past one hundred years.